I never know when to push the enter key with the older Google's
newsreader consequently
the texts hardly ever lines up. This goes for most people's texts

How many lines do I have to type before I need to push enter?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 A B C D E F G H I J
K L M N O P Q R S T U V Q V W X Y Z. it runs off the edge after the U
I can no longer see what I'm typing I'm typing blind.

Test old fashioned side screen typing
attempting to keep the text to one side of
the screen. Once more unto the breach,
dear friends,
once more or close the wall up with our
English dead. In peace, there's nothing
so becomes a man as modest stillness
and humility, but when the blast of war
blows in our ears then imitate the
action of a tiger, stiffen the sinews,
conjure up the blood, disguise fair
nature with hard favour'd rage.
On, on, you noble English whose
blood is fet from fathers of war-proof.
Dishonour not your mothers, now
attest that those whom you call'd
fathers did beget you. And you good
yeomen, whose limbs were made in
England, now show us here the mettle
of your pasture... I see you stand like
greyhounds in the slips, straining upon
the start. The games afoot, follow your
spirit, and upon this charge cry God for
Harry, England and Saint George!

Testing 15 inches of text before pushing the enter key on a philips
flat panel monitor.

Long ago in a village lived a old wise woman called grandmother Lynch,
some people said she was a hundred and twelve years old and she looked
every bit of it. She smoked a pipe a little clay pipe
and she had a yellow nicotine stain down the side of her face. She was
a rugged nasty mouth old
cow. In this village lived a family called Stanleys the Stanleys were
farmers and the Stanley father had died young like all the Stanley men
folk he suddenly died. So his son inherited the farm
along with his mother.

His mother worried about her son because her son like his father was
always exhausted and he always
had mysterious scratches all over his body like all the Stanley men
folk before him. It was well-known that when the Stanley men folk begin
to get scratches all over their bodies they always suddenly died. No
doctor had ever been able to help the Stanley men folk. The Stanley
decided to ask the evil mouth nasty old grandmother Lynch, for help she
was desperate for help.
She told grandmother

Lynch, about the Stanley history how their men folk always died young
shortly after scratches appeared on their bodies. Grandmother Lynch,
told the Stanley mother to go home and act like normal and go to bed at
seven o'clock like all farming families do and I will come to your
farmhouse just before midnight. The Stanley, mother

did as she was told. Grandmother Lynch, with a lantern turned up at the
farmhouse just before midnight as she said she would. The farmhouse's
had doors that you could open the top half and leave the bottom half
closed. Grandmother Lynch, stood in the corner of the house in the
shade and waited to see what happened if blah blah blah. cannot see
what I'm typing it goes off the edge of the

I am a stag: of seven times,
I am a flood: across a plain,
I am a wind: on a deep lake,
I am a tear: the sun let fall,
I am a hawk: above the cliff,
I am a thorn: beneath nail,
I am wonder: who but I sets the cool headed aflame
with smoke?

I am a spear: that rears for blood
I am a salmon: in a pool,
I am a hure: from paradise,
I am a hill: where poets walk,
I am a boar: ruthless and red,
I am a breaker: threatening doom,
I am a tide: that drags to death
I am an infant: who but I peeps from the unhewn
dolmen arch?

The edges are sharp looking and nasty I prefer the old Google's

image test
.-"" '.' ""-.
." .'. ".
/| Q |
/ | :|: |\
/ / . . \"\
/ / ,/: :\, \ "\
/ / / (_i_) \ \ "\
/ / /" | | "\ \ |
| / /" '-' "\ \."
|| / |/ \ \ \ \
|| ,'-./ \ |--. |
| \ \ / |
|\ \ | | /
\_^-\ \ | /
\ \ / /
\ \ / /
__\ \", / /__
/- | | \ / / ( -\
`~-._` ) / | -' _.-'

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