Many thanks to those who posted helpful information about
switching to Verizon FIOS (from DSL) a few months ago. The
switch went quite well.

I'm running a second router (NAT, firewall, etc) behind the
Verizon-supplied one, as suggested. I made certain to get
Verizon people to tell me I could count on the installer
bringing a Windhose laptop to do the activation that
requires ActiveX. Said activation procedure on the Windhose
laptop failed--thought I was trying to create a new account
rather than migrate an old one. Migration of the email
accounts took a couple of hours, and they corrupted the
passwords and secret questions on the main account and all
sub-accounts, but I'm told that doesn't happen often.

I'm told the block the default BitTorrent ports, but I may
not need to test using other ports until Mandriva 2008 is
released in another year or so.

Robert Riches
(Yes, that is one of my email addresses.)