This is really bugging me. Whenever my laptop (Sony Vaio TX3HP) is plugged
in, my "Performance Profile" in KLaptop seems to be "locked"
on "performance", even though I've configured it to be "ondemand" in the
KLaptop configuration screen. I can select another profile, such
as "ondemand" or "powersave", and it'll stay there for a while, but then
suddenly change its mind and revert to "performance".

The issue here (apart from wanting to save Mother Earth) is that when my
laptop is operating on the "performance" profile, the fan is quite audible,
but if it's on "ondemand" or "powersave" it's quite quiet.

Does anybody know why KLaptop seems to "know better" than me when selecting
a profile other than "performance"?

Thanks in advance,