Aragorn schreef:

> On Monday 09 October 2006 18:20, Maxim Heijndijk stood up and addressed the
> masses in /alt.os.linux.mandrake/ as follows...:
>> Hi, I have installed MDV 2007 last week and I have a problem with USB:
>> In 2006 the mountpoints for my USB harddisks were automatically created
>> when I plugged them in, but this is not the case with 2007. When I
>> plugin a disk under the console no mountpoints are created. When I plug
>> them in under KDE the popups appear asking me what action i want to
>> take.

> All that automounting mumbo-jumbo is indeed GUI-dependent. It doesn't work
> under a character mode console.
>> I don't need those popups, I need mountpoints that are automatically
>> created, because I have a backup-sync script that searches for the
>> mountpoints, mounts the disks, and syncs to the USB disks. Can
>> anyone help me out here? TIA, Max.

> Look at the device nodes that would be created - or have them created to
> your liking by customizing the /udev/ configuration, if need be - and then
> create the mountpoints for those device nodes. Add records for them to
> your */etc/fstab* with an editor and set them up not to be automatically
> mounted and/or checked at boot time - i.e. "0 0" for the last two fields
> should do fine.
> I guess this all just goes to show that the so-called "userfriendly"
> automounting stuff is actually more often a cause for trouble than a manual
> mount. Unfortunately and ironically, people coming from a Windows
> environment seem to like the kind of stuff that "automatically gives them
> trouble"... :-/

Thanks for the reply. Fidging with udev takes too much time, but I have
been able to write a script that modifies my fstab (so I won't have to
do that over and over again after drakesomethingdrake - the partition
config tool - garbles it). The sd* device nodes change all the time,
according to which USB port you plugin the disks, so I used the nodes in
/dev/disk/by-id, which are always the same. But the GUI tool is of no
use to me now, it just doesn't work anymore. I think most people will
benefit from the GUI mounting stuff, but it would have been nice if
Mandrake tries to maintain "console-compatibility", so I can do my
backups without having to fiddle with udev or fstab. So here is the
script (simplified version) I use. Maybe it can be of some use to others.



for MOUNTPOINT in /mnt/usb-disk-160 \
/mnt/card-reader-cf \
; do

[ -d "${MOUNTPOINT}" ] || mkdir -p "${MOUNTPOINT}"

case "${MOUNTPOINT}" in


if ! grep -q "/mnt/usb-disk" "/etc/fstab"; then

echo -e "\n# USB Disks
/mnt/usb-disk-160 ext2 user,noauto,exec,defaults 0 0
" >> "/etc/fstab"



if ! grep -q "/mnt/card-reader" "/etc/fstab"; then

echo -e "# Card Reader
/mnt/card-reader-cf vfat user,noauto,defaults 0 0
" >> "/etc/fstab"