On Saturday 14 October 2006 05:13, Dan C stood up and addressed the masses
in /alt.os.linux.mandrake/ as follows...:

> On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 19:49:11 -0500, Bit Twister wrote:
>>> I know that you are DECEIVING these people.

>> That is a lie. You have no such knowledge.

> Oh, ghod. Not again. Already? I figured the moron formerly known as
> Matt_the_Mouth would be quiet again for a month or so before his next
> explosion. He just finished a marathon flamefest (telling lies) with
> Aragorn, and now it seems he's found another "cause".

Quite possibly, he was still rabidly foaming at the mouth at the time when
I /plonked/ the thread, and the fact that I would not have read his
subsequent drivel on that thread anymore - I noticed that there were at
least 16 or so more posts "unaccounted for" in /KNode/ after I had hit
"I(gnore thread)" - has rendered him a rabies seizure.

> Guess I was mistaken about how long it would take him to catch his breath.

People like Matt ALL_UPPERCASE never catch their breath. They're like
hungry serpents, always on the lookout for another prey.

> For any innocent bystanders who may be watching this idiot, please
> disregard anything he says, and just ignore/killfile his dumb ass. He's a
> certified net-lunatic, rapidly approaching the status of Alan Connor, for
> those who may know that name. Absolutely friggin bonkers.

I must protest here. As pedantically paranoid as Alan Connor may be, he's
got nothing on Matt The Liar. If and when Alan Connor indulges in one of
his paranoid outbursts, it'll be a once-in-so-many-days occasion.

On the other hand, when Matt breaks loose, he'll go on forever if his
acquired target doesn't issue a /plonk./

> After a while, it's not even funny to read his blatherings any more.

It's never _been_ funny. If anything, it's pathetic... :-/

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