My parents want to archive the contents of their
Ferguson FPVR1T hard disk Freeview recorder.
Playing the recordings through a SCART cable
to a DVD recorder is slow and lossy: it's much
easier to take out the hard disk out and connect
it to a PC.

The disk is arranged in a modified FAT32 partition
with 32KB clusters. The FAT contains, for each
cluster, the number of the next cluster followed by
the number of the previous one -- to allow the box
to search forwards and backwards through large
MPEG-2 files.

The directory tables are almost standard DOS without
LFN (32 bytes per entry), except that five bytes are
allocated to the file length number, to allow for
files larger than 4GB.

Does anyone know of a pre-existing Linux driver that
will access a partition of this type? If not, I'll
have to write my own.