AMD Spent $500,000 Lobbying in 2007

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| The company lobbied on tariffs related to semiconductor products, export
| regulations related to computer equipment, patent reform, federal research
| and development spending and immigration reform, according to the form posted
| online Sept. 21 by the Senate's public records office.

Politicians are puppets in the hand of their investors (companies).

Getting Graphic With NVIDIA

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| These include the growing use of PCs to edit video files such as home movies;
| the popularity of video games utilizing 3D graphics engines; the steady
| penetration of high-definition technologies; and the launch of new operating
| systems such as Vista that require more graphic rendering capabilities than
| ever. Indeed, many computers with IGPs can only run Aero (Vista's 3D user
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^
| interface) at certain resolutions or not at all.
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Don't we discover more about broken Vista the deeper we look at it?


A GUI Battle

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| Beryl is a fork of the Compiz X Window management system and really is
| quite a treat to use. Linux, as it conventionally has, employs four
| desktops for the user providing much more physical workspace. Beryl will
| turn these quad desktops into a GUI that's simply breathtaking to use. I
| was lucky enough to kick around on a machine with Beryl accompanying Ubuntu
| at my bosses house and, Aero is child's play compared to Beryl's
| unique user experience.

Aero Theme is bad, disable it

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| Wow, 1.6 GB of memory used. Let's look at DWM with Task Manager and Process
| Explorer:
| [screenshots]
| As you can see for yourself, the DWM process, which should not have
| changed at all (based on Microsoft claims that it does not take up
| a lot of resources), has in fact grown to consume 105 MB of memory,
| and just look at the Process Explorer output!!!

Microsoft Claims Vista's Aero Interface Doesn't Slow PCs

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| Principled Technologies, which conducted the research for Microsoft, is
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| offering a download of the report.

Vista Aero: Linux Is Eating Your Lunch

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| Take a look at this screengrab from an AMD machine running Linux.
| What are we seeing? Wobbly, transparent windows, hot UI effects, an
| amazing 3D task switcher, and enough eye-candy to make Vista Ultimatel
| ook like Midnight Commander.
| I'm not saying we all go out and pick up a copy of Ubuntu, but maybe
| that's actually what I'm saying.

Microsoft Vista's China debut raises piracy issue

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| "There will be reduced functionality that will occur if you run
| non-genuine versions of the software," said Di Valerio.
| Some of Vista's cooler features such as 3-D graphics to create
| translucent windows that appear to float above the background
| screen will be impaired, while hardware functions would also
| be reduced, Di Valerio said.