Kernel space: A tiny Linux for the embedded world

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| An announcement of the revival of linux-tiny, a set of patches aimed at
| reducing the footprint of the kernel, mainly for the embedded world, has led
| to a number of linux-kernel threads. The conversations range from the proper
| place for linux-tiny to reside to the removal of the enormous number of
| printk() strings in the kernel. They provide an interesting glimpse into the
| kernel development process.

Similar discussions in WordPress last year.


White Space

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| Matt LaPlante reported that there's currently 151,809 bytes of trailing white
| space in the Linux kernel, requiring a 15 megabyte patch to remove it all.

Is There Perfection in The Linux Kernel?

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| In a perfect world, you could compile a brand-new Linux kernel
| without the need for much configuration and without error.
| According to Linus Torvalds, the new 2.6.19 Linux kernel is such
| an entity.
| "It's one of those rare "perfect" kernels," Torvalds wrote in a
| Linux kernel mailing list posting announcing the new kernel.