DLNA middleware interconnects consumer devices

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| TVs, cameras, hard-disk recorders, and printers. The NetFront Living Connect
| middleware suite supports Linux, and complies with DLNA v1.5 specs, Access
| said.


Wyse adds multimedia support to thin clients

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| New multimedia enabling extensions for VMware Infrastructure allow Wyse thin
| clients to display rich multimedia including video.



Wyse and Novell Collaborate on Linux Thin Clients

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| Wyse Technology, the global
| leader in thin computing, today announced it is working with Novell to
| bring the next generation of Linux-based thin clients to market. Both
| companies are committed to giving customers everything they need to
| transition from traditional desktops with proprietary operating
| systems to Wyse thin clients based on SUSE Linux Enterprise from
| Novell.