Meet the robot boy with two brains

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| Linux is responsible for the robot's "physical brain," controlling its
| animation, while Windows XP is responsible for its "verbal brain,"
| controlling its voice recognition and interaction with others, a Hanson
| Robotics staffer told LinuxDevices.

Motor function is at least maintained when Windows crashes and this "robot boy"
goes mute.

Linux still reigns robotics and Microsoft tries hard to lure in developers.


Microsoft teams up in Japan to set robotics standards

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| "But I don't think it is very difficult to modify the existing technologies
| developed with other operating system -- such as Linux -- into a Microsoft
| version," he said. *

A review of robotics software platforms

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| Today's nascent robotics market has engendered about 10 general purpose
| software development frameworks, including nine that support Linux. This
| article surveys seven of them, before wrapping up with an analysis of market
| trends likely to shape the robotics software landscape of tomorrow. *

First Public Release of CLARAty Software

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| With this release, a total of 44 CLARAty modules (~100K lines of code) are
| now available under the JPL Open Source License. This release is intended to
| share with the robotics community some of the core robotic modules which were
| jointly developed with NASA Ames Research Center, Carnegie Mellon, and
| University of Minnesota. This first release represents about 10% of all
| CLARAty modules and 30% of the generic modules planned for future release. * *

We, Robots: Open Source Robotics

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| Now Orocos is nothing like, say, the Linux kernel, which after
| some configuration and adding a number of tools, runs on pretty
| much any 32-bit and quite a few 64-bit architectures once would
| care to think of. Indeed, Orocos is likely to use the Linux kernel
| itself via a real-time interface to talk to hardware.

New robot dog runs Linux, thrives on orders

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| The matt-black Bj is a Linux-powered platform intended for investigating
| robotics and artificial intelligence. As such, it's really a research device,
| although iXs does offer it for sale. *

Build Your Own Internet-Controlled Robots

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| Linux-based hardware developed at Carnegie Mellon University allows
| for Internet-controlled bots made from off-the-shelf parts.

Whir do you want to go today?

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| San Francisco-based startup HeadThere has apparently dreamt up a
| bizarre robotic contraption called a Giraffe, which looks a lot
| like a motorised hat-stand. At the base, a PC motherboard running
| Ubuntu Linux, batteries, motors and wheels lurk, to allow the
| thing to drive around under its own steam and, presumably,
| work out where it's going.

NASA Expands Order for Innova Robotics & Automation's Universal Robot
Controller to Enhance Ground Testing

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| In addition, Innova will provide an external clock synchronization
| signal to NASA's Linux-based host PC that will function as the
| "heart beat" that triggers the initiation of commands to the robotic arm.

Linux humanoid robot on French TV

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| A Linux-powered humanoid robot has been interviewed on 8-Fi, a
| French television magazine devoted to new technology.

WowWee introduces RS Media, a do everything robot

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| It runs on Linux, and has a camera on its chest, which we were
| having fun playing around with at CES Unveiled in Vegas. Thankfully,
| it also comes with a remote control so you can move it around without
| being a Java programmer. The RS Media also has a media player, hence
| the name, that supports MP3 (audio) and MPEG 4 (video) playback
| via its integrated sound system. The orange robot can also display
| virtually anything from your PC via its LCD display.

New Battlefield Robots "Listen" for Enemy Fire Use Linux

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| Inside its belly are a wide array of sensors and a GPS locator
| which are controlled using a version of the Linux operating system.

Build Your Own Robot

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| IBM has embraced it, Microsoft is threatened by it, and some companies,
| including RedHat and Novell, have made it their primary focus. It's
| the open-source movement, and now another company, Motley Fool Rule
| Breakers recommendation iRobot (Nasdaq: IRBT), is seeking to apply
| the main principle of open source -- allowing users to view and modify
| one's software code -- to its own business.

Linux Robots Rule at Wired NextFest

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| What types of business models are the start-ups pursuing?
| Beyond its hybrid operating environment, Hanson Robotics
| also wants to retain a hybrid mix of open source and
| proprietary technology, according to the company's president.
| As David Hanson sees things, the ideal ratio is 70 percent
| open source, versus 30 percent proprietary.

Mark Tilden's RS Media exclusively available at Debenhams

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| RS media combines Robosapien V2's features with some multimedia
| functionality - *a full colour LCD screen, a USB connector and MP3 and
| MP4 playback. RS Media can display and store data easily from your PC or
| play a song through the speakers in his hands. Using the Personality
| editor, you can edit all his movements, sound files and video files. *
| You can even assign voice files or choreograph a routine to a favourite
| dance track.

Linux robots swarm onto lab floor

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| The Khepera III, which runs Linux on an optional ARM-powered
| add-in card, adds floor-roving capabilities, the better to
| support experiments in swarm behavior, K-Team says.