The Ultimate Linux Distro Guide Part 34

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| Installing and configuring Xebian will require not only performing various
| tasks to allow Linux to run on the box, but also use of the Linux command
| line - the process is not recommended for people who are new to Linux.

ReviewLinux.Com: Puppy Meet My USB Key

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| Puppy Linux is a great Linux distribution to place on a USB key. It's easy
| installation instructions make it a breeze to install. From boot up to
| installation on your key in under 10 minutes. It's just that fast. Puppy
| Linux 3.0 was released October 2 2007 and I thought I would give a small tour
| on walking your puppy to the key. Enjoy!


Tools Released to Peform 'Timing Attack' to Downgrade Kernel

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| Robinsod already released the schematics and documentation to perform
| the 'Timing Attack' that will allow you to downgrade any Xbox360 kernel to an
| exploitable kernel (which will allow you to already run Linux and also
| Homebrew application when they come out) earlier this week. Today he released
| a package of software tools that together with the Infectus modchip and his
| PIC interface (if you can't make this yourself, Team Infectus is working on a
| prebuild daughterboard) will allow you to perform this hack yourself. * * *

XBox360: Timing Attack Tested Succesfully: Downgrade from any Kernel without

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| (it's an open source project ) and things get optimized and developed
| further it might open homebrew and linux for the Xbox360 on a much larger
| scale soon. *

Gentoo LiveCD Xenon Beta v2: TS-H943 Support - Free60 Asks to Open Platform

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| Like they announced last week, Stonersmurf of Team Free60 released a
| new version of the 'Full' Gentoo LiveCD for Xbox360 (kernel 4532/4548
| only) with support for the Toshiba-Samsung TS-H943 ODD and more...

New KingKong Shader exploit for XeLL and Linux LiveCD

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| The LiveCD doesn't support the Toshiba-Samsung DVD drive for now
| (unless you can get it in 0800-mode, but afaik there's no way to do
| that if you're using the new method with the new shaders above), so
| you'll need an Xbox360 Hitachi-LG drive. Then just boot your
| modified King Kong, press start on the main menu and when the
| drive opens, insert the gentoo xenon LiveCD.

Ubuntu Linux running on Xbox 360

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| It was just a matter of time of course. As reported about a month ago,
| Xbox 360 Dashboards version 4532 and 4548 contained a severe bug,
| allowing direct code modification in the system to execute arbitrary
| code in so-called hypervisor mode.

Xbox 360 Running Linux

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| This video from Cpas at xbox-scene is a bit blurry but it shows an
| Xbox 360 being exploited using the hypervisor exploit and linux
| booting on it. Please do not say that it is fake. It is as real
| as it gets.

Xbox360 Linux-PPC Kernel 2.6.20 Diff-Patches - Linux Loader Coming Soon

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| He also talks about a 'linux loader' that will be released soon that
| will allow to (easily) exploit the Hypervisor Vulnerability (so I
| guess that means it'll only work on Xbox360 kernel 4532 or 4548) ...
| so we might soon be able to boot linux on a retail 360

Microsoft patches Xbox 360

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| The update corrects a problem with a tamper protection mechanism on the
| Xbox 360. Hackers had discovered a way to break through the shield
| and run their own software, including operating systems such as
| Linux, on the Microsoft game console.

Xbox 360 vulnerability found, homebrew could be just around the corner

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| Apparently a vulnerability has been discovered, and while the jargon
| is rather over our heads, it doesn't take a hax0r to understand the
| potential upshot: homebrew on the 360. The word is that there's a
| "critical vulnerability in Microsoft's Xbox 360 that allows
| privilege escalation into hypervisor mode."

Puppy Linux 3.00 released

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| The new version Puppy Linux is released. Puppy is a distribution for low end
| PCs, designed to run from media like usb sticks. It's size is less than 100
| MB.

Review: Puppy Linux 2.16 -- our Puppy's growing up

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| It's also not bad with 233 MHz of CPU, although Damn Small Linux is just that
| much better tuned to such low power -- and that has as much to do with the
| apps chosen for the two distros as it does with any underlying code, scripts
| or tools. *
| [...]
| The Puppy "Wizards" for networking (wired and wireless), printing, sounds,
| graphics and modems are exclusive to the platform, and they just plain work.
| And since for most users, getting their hardware working is more than half
| the battle, Pupy stands very high in the top tier of distros I've tried. *

Puppy Linux : A Linux distribution that runs completely on RAM

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| Overall Puppy Linux is highly impressive distribution that could
| be especially useful on slow machines , providing a fully
| featured application set requiring minimal system resources. Puppy
| Linux is one distribution that can bring your old computer to life and make
| it rock .