An Open Letter to Palm

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| Set your software free. Yes, it's time to release the Palm OS into the
| open-source world and let other people start developing for you.

Colligan Talks About Next Generation Palm OS Progress

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| Palm's CEO Ed Colligan made a number of comments on the next generation
| linux-based operating system currently under development at Palm. Colligan
| made a series of comments on its progress, potential and estimated delivery
| during remarks at today's Q1 FY08 investor conference call.


Why postponing the Foleo makes sense

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| Do Linux already: It overcomes the limitations of the Garnet kernel, and adds
| many new features and device drivers. Not to mention a lot of available
| software and developers. *

Palm shakes hands with Linux

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| Back to the Palm and Linux. Now that I have the Palm working in Debian and
| Ubuntu/Xubuntu, I'm pretty happy, and I'll probably be using my
| Debian-equipped 233 MHz Compaq laptop a bit less. There's something about
| hitting a button on the Palm and being able to write within a half-second
| that totally works for me. * *

Palm to launch Linux-based smartphone in October, say sources

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| Palm is expected to launch its first Linux-based smartphone in October, with
| the company likely to introduce more Linux models in the future, according to
| sources close to the company. *

Palm shows off 'Centro' smart phone

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| Gearlog called the Centro "Treo 800" and "Gandolf," both names that have come
| up before among the Palm enthusiasts. It's also not clear if Centro will run
| Garnet, the decaying version of Palm OS, or a newer Linux-based version from
| Access or Palm. No further details were forthcoming from Palm, but the
| devices shown at the Sprint event were slated for this fall. * *