Windows Update update screws updating

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| Earlier this year, Microsoft pushed out what is being termed a 'stealth
| update' to Windows Update. Normally, users are asked via the Update system
| what new patches, security fixes and the like to install and are prompted to
| install and reboot. However, this fix - which was to the Update system
| itself - was a stealth push from Microsoft, and installed under the radar.

A bit repetitive, but it's worth showing how Microsoft screws up (literally)
people's PCs without their permission (they explicitly decline).

Recent (shortly before this incident):

Microsoft's plans for XP

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| In yet another conspiracist theory, I explain how Microsoft plans to phase
| out XP and force upgrades to Vista.


Bang Goes the DST Time Bomb

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| Monday brought more jeers than cheers from IT organizations
| about daylight-saving time fixes and the immediate impact
| on Microsoft software.

Microsoft Customers Irate over Daylight-Saving Time Woes

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| Updated: This year's daylight-saving time change is causing major
| frustration for IT administrators running Microsoft programs that
| need to be individually patched to reflect the change. *

No Saving Time in Microsoft DST Patches?

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| IT managers are feeling grumpy about Microsoft's preparations for
| this year's early daylight-saving time. If anything, the situation
| shines another glaring light on patch management problems, how long
| Microsoft supports products and how much longer businesses tend to
| use them.

Microsoft customers melting down over Daylight Saving patches

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| A number of users in the DST chat room are reporting problems
| getting their Blackberry servers and devices to sync up with
| their DST-patched Exchange servers. Others, in spite of Microsoft
| warnings to apply DST patches in a specific order, are running
| into problems because they are attempting to patch Exchange
| before Windows.

Microsoft Cuts Price of Daylight Savings Time Patches

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| For users running that software, Microsoft charges $4,000 per product
| for DST fixes.