Fingerprint reader SDK targets Linux devices

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| A biometric device vendor specializing in fingerprint readers has ported its
| software development kit to Linux for the first time. DigitalPersona says
| its "One Touch for Linux" SDK will enable developers to create
| fingerprint-enabled C/C++ applications that run on PCs, embedded computers,
| and POS (point-of-sale/service) terminals.

IBM Advances Use of Open Standards in RFID Solutions

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| "As a core participant in the creation of the requirements for the EPCIS
| standard, IBM has been a leader in adopting open standards in its RFID
| solutions," said Bernie Hogan, senior vice president and chief technology
| officer, GS1 US.

Their laptops (well, Lenovo's actually) have Linux supported with the biometric


Fujitsu, Novell Launch Fingerprint Reader

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| The kits come in two forms, using either the Fujitsu MBF200 fingerprint touch
| sensor or else the MBF320 swipe sensor. On the back end, the kits are
| specifically designed to interoperate with Novell eDirectory's authentication
| management software running on Linux, NetWare or Windows. *

Open Beacon - Open source RFID

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| Open source still manage finding its way advancing collaboration
| of creativity among the tech community. Though this platform might
| not yet be ready for the enterprise prime time, however it's worth
| a good peep.
| Open Beacon is an open source wireless tracking system for
| following people around buildings got its first public use
| last week at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin.

Honda Italia and IBM Revolutionize Motorbike Production With RFID

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| The RFID technology will be then completely integrated with Honda's
| existing IT systems through an open standards-based, Linux and Java
| (J2EE) application built on the IBM WebSphere Application Server
| to track inventory and to monitor ways to improve efficiency.

Seven RFID Organizations Support Open-Source

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| A group of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology organizations
| today announced their support for the open-source development of
| EPCglobal-compliant Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) software libraries,
| which enable EPCglobal UHF Gen 2 communications via the LLRP universal
| reader-to-network interface. * *

Point-of-sale device runs Linux from flash

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| One of the first POS (point-of-sale) equipment vendors to adopt Linux
| will now become one of the first to offer solid-state storage. Wincor
| Nixdorf's new X-Series, due in January, will be offered with an
| Msystems mModule uDOC embedded flash disk.
| A 30 year veteran of the retail equipment market, Wincor Nixdorf
| began offering POS devices based on Red Hat Linux in the year 2000.
| The company's Linux-based "Beetle" POS device (early versions pictured
| above and at left) soon attracted some high-volume customers, including
| Home Depot and the Papa John's pizza chain.

Wireless POS (Point of Sale) For Linux

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| Research has shown that the number of POS (point of sale) terminals
| running Linux in North America has increased 80% since 2002. For
| hospitality providers, there?s good reason to go with Linux.

McDonald's pilots Linux-based electronic signage

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| Fast-food chain McDonald's is reportedly piloting Linux-based
| electronic signage at a location in Chicago. The Golden Arches at Archer
| Rutherford is using content-managed digital signage for menu-board
| promotion, dining- and play-room adver-tainment, and customer
| information collection, according to an article at

Nando's goes Open Source

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| Nandos has 230 restaurants nationwide and each restaurant is required
| to forward detailed information from their Point of Sale (PoS) system
| directly to head office on a daily basis...