Barracuda Networks joins the Open Invention Network

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| The OIN was founded in 2005 in order to prevent patent litigation from
| hindering the development of the Linux operating system. The founding
| members, which include IBM, Sony, Philips, Novell, and Red Hat, all have a
| vested interest in protecting Linux and relevant parts of the Linux software
| ecosystem from the specter of patent infringement and potential legal
| threats. The current roster of OIN licensees includes big names like Oracle
| and Google as well as the founding members.


US company in talks with IT firms to push Linux system

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| Open Invention Network (OIN), a US firm funded by six companies
| including IBM and Red Hat, is exploring possibilities in India
| to spur innovation and protect the Linux systems widely seen as
| a slow but certain challenge to Microsoft's propriet ary Windows
| operating system.
| Linux is a free operating system and is gaining popularity with computer
| makers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

Show Us the Code

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| As I've noted before, I am something of a connoisseur of Microsoft's
| FUD against open source, in part because I believe each successive
| FUD-flavour of the month gives important hints about the evolution
| of the thinking and strategy within the company. The latest
| development in this area, which revolves around patents, is no exception
| - not least because I think people are drawing the wrong conclusions
| from it.

[Google joins OIN]

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| You'll often hear members of our open source team say, "Every
| time you use Google, you're using Linux." It's absolutely true. Check
| a Google engineer's workstation, and you'll probably find it's running
| Linux. Do a search on, and a Linux server will return your
| results. Ever since Google got its start, Linux has given us the power
| and flexibility we need to serve millions of users around the world.