Puppy Linux 3.00 released

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| The new version Puppy Linux is released. Puppy is a distribution for low end
| PCs, designed to run from media like usb sticks. It's size is less than 100
| MB.


So light yet so pretty (see screenshot).

Tomorrow openSUSE 10.3 is released - Everything about the 3D effects

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| In openSUSE 10.3 with the package for desktop effects, Compiz, is now a
| version 0.5.6 and the new things are many. Compiz comes from the start and
| contains some useful effects. To get the real “Hollywood” effects you can
| download Compiz Fusion.



Review: Puppy Linux 2.16 -- our Puppy's growing up

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| It's also not bad with 233 MHz of CPU, although Damn Small Linux is just that
| much better tuned to such low power -- and that has as much to do with the
| apps chosen for the two distros as it does with any underlying code, scripts
| or tools. *
| [...]
| The Puppy "Wizards" for networking (wired and wireless), printing, sounds,
| graphics and modems are exclusive to the platform, and they just plain work.
| And since for most users, getting their hardware working is more than half
| the battle, Pupy stands very high in the top tier of distros I've tried. *


Puppy Linux : A Linux distribution that runs completely on RAM

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| Overall Puppy Linux is highly impressive distribution that could
| be especially useful on slow machines , providing a fully
| featured application set requiring minimal system resources. Puppy
| Linux is one distribution that can bring your old computer to life and make
| it rock .


openSUSE 10.3 almost ready

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| We’ve been hard at work on openSUSE 10.3, to be released in a couple of
| weeks. RC1 marked the “transition point” for me. I’ve moved my main machines
| over to 10.3 RC1 from 10.2. It’s very nice to be running the latest GNOME
| again. *


Sneak Peeks at openSUSE 10.3: SUSE-Polished GNOME 2.20

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| Among other things, openSUSE 10.3 is set to contain, and be among the very
| first to have, the new GNOME 2.20.


OpenSUSE...What a Beautiful Thing!

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| Last night was install night, and I'll tell you this. OpenSUSE was a dream
| come true in this uncertain time. After the install I had DNS and DHCP up and
| running in about 10 minutes, if that! Configuration was a snap! I would even
| venture to say that DNS and DHCP setup on OpenSUSE is 1000 times easier and
| more intuitive than Windows! * *


openSUSE 10.3 RC 1 Report

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| OpenSUSE 10.3 final is due out in just a few days, so let's take a look at
| the progress.


Sneak Peeks at openSUSE 10.3: Virtualisation

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| Some changes in openSUSE 10.3 have ensured that if you are interested in just
| about any type of popular virtualisation, then openSUSE is the operating
| system to be on. From Xen to VirtualBox, QEMU and KVM — it’s all available in
| the new version. Today we’ll be going through a few of these new additions
| and we’ll be talking to Frank Kohler, the project manager for Virtualisation
| at SUSE, to help us learn a bit more.


Installing Suse Linux 10.3 RC1 64bit Edition

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| This is an actual recollection of how I installed Suse Linux 10.3 RC1 64bit
| onto my system.
| I downloaded this version for testing as well finding the difference between
| 64bit and 32bit version of Suse Linux.