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> > Michael Heiming wrote:
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> >> > In the sytem I'm working, one server process creates one child process
> >> > for each client request. I like to "strace" one of these child process.
> >> > strace without specific options only traces the parent, and with the
> >> > "-f" option traces all childs, overloading the system.
> >> > Knows someone any trick to trace only one (or a few ones) childs?

> >> Please RTFM, 'man strace' and look for the "ff" option, sounds
> >> like what you are looking for?

> > According to my information, the main difference between "-f" and "-ff"
> > is that in the second case the output is splitted in different files
> > for each child process.
> > In both cases, all childs are traced, producing the same overload.

> Did you try this out? At least it does save you from sorting the
> output.

Yes, I do it.

And, I do not known if due to overload, or due to problem in the signal
handling between strace+parent+childs, system has became blocked and

Trying directly "strace -p" over one single child, It has been posible
to trace the end of its execution, but not the interesting part (the
first 400 miliseconds). It has been imposible to made a loop of "ps -m"
and call "ptrace -p" fast enough.

Now, reading the strace source...

Kind regards.

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