I recently installed an app called texinfo I'm not quite sure what it's
for but I have a feeling in would be good to have. It seems that all the
system apps I install in /usr don't have man or info docs. I looked at
/usr/share and found not only man and info but alot of other doc formats. I
would like to have all my system apps and apps that I am going to install
into .usr/local to have man pages atleast if not info. Do I have a choice in
this or is it up to the developer as to whether or not he want's to use man
or info format or something else like html? I have man some changes to may
manpath to recognize man pages in usr/local/share/man but what about all
these other formats? Should I have an application to generate man pages if
there is a configure switch to generate man docs if there is that option?