i am l.gnanasekar, new to rtlinux installation. I ned help for
rtlinux configuration.

i had follwed steps to install the rtlinux.

The steps are.
Choose the kernel version is 2.4.20 and the rtlinux is 3.2.pre2

patch the appropriate rtlinux kernel patch into the kernel

[root@linux2.4.20] // kernel path
# patch p1 < ../rtlinux.3.2.pre2/patches/*.2.4.20.*
#make menuconfig - not selecting anything, leave the
default configuration.
# make dep
# make
# make bzImage
# make modules modules_install
#make install ---------- it will automatically add the
entries in the grub.conf file

after reboot into the new kernel
[root@rtlinux.3.2.pre2] //rtlinux path
#make menuconfig
#make devices
#make install
#make regression ----- the system will hang up for one day
or # scripts/insrtl ---- this also the same above

what can i do?
it wiil not restore the system

i have another problem facing in pci card module installing. That
driver module is install in only rtlinux, so i am struggling rtlinux
installation itself. please help me.