While starting an 2.6.15 kernel I get the following output:

Epson S1D13XXX FB Driver
s1d13xxxfb: regs mapped at 0xc285e000, fb 1280 KiB mapped at 0xc2880000
s1d13xxxfb: bpp=8, lcd_bpp=4, crt_enabled=0, lcd_enabled=0
s1d13xxxfb: xres=24, yres=3, vxres=4, vyres=327680 is_color=1,
is_dual=0, is_tft=0
s1d13xxxfb_set_par: bpp=8

Now I want to enable CRT and probably set a lot of parameters like
xres, yres, bpp etc.

I've tried using the fbset utility but I can't see any traces that the
hardware is initialized.

Any suggestions?