Hi All,
I am a little bit confused by the terminology related to pthread,
that is Pthread library, (fully)posix-compliant library.

First of all, Pthread is a standarized specification for thread
creation and synchronization, right? I assume that a pthread library
implements the specification(API). It is written in many books that
many OS implements Pthread spec, including Solaris, linux..... Does
that mean an OS (e.g a Linux distribution) provides a unique Pthread
library (in order to use it, one has to write #include in
C program)? however, there are several threading libraries available
on Linux: CLthread, PCthread, FSU_pthread, etc. They all claim to make
use of POSIX-compliant functionality, and conform to the POSIX 1003.c
API. Yet, most of these libraries are not fully POSIX-compliant
threading libraries(this is written in linux doc), then what is a
fully posix-compliant threading library?
Another qustion is that why we care about the performance when using
Pthread library, for example,
compare it with other MPI, OpenMP? Shouldn't the performance of
Pthread operations largely depend on its implemenations?
Can some one help me clarify these terms? THanks..