Could somebody tell me if fltk 2.0 has become mature enough to do
serious programming? I searched the groups and around 2005-06 there
were messages warning about the stability issue of fltk 2.0. But on
the fltk site they claim it to be good enough for production use. But
in their polls most people seem to be happy with the 1.1.x versions
and waiting for freezing of the 2.0 API. Is there anybody out there
actually using fltk 2.0? And what are the issues faced?
I personally took out an old library from sourceforge (fltkdock-0.07-
fltk-2.0.x-src.tar.gz) and could compile it with a recent fltk 2.0
(fltk-2.0.x-r5808.tar.bz2). But the refreshing of the GUI does not
seem to work very well ( parts of it becomes white and stuff like
that ).
It would be helpful if I could get the opinions of more experienced
users before going too far with fltk 2.0.

Thanks and regards,
Ray S.