I have been trying to use prelink in linux as a tool to optimize my
application to load faster, i have the following preoblem with it now,
it gives the following error followed by segmentaion fault.

prelink: Warning: libA.so has undefined non-weak symbols.

Now from what i know non weak symbols are not a good technique in
shared libraries and in order to remove the no weak symbols you need
to explicitly link those libraries.

But my problem is such

When i check for all non weak symbols in libA , i find them in libB
and libC for example, but libB also has weak symbols which can be
found in libA.

so effectively this means i need to link libA and libB both, which i
dont know how to do as one of them wont be available at the other

How can i resolve this issue, how did this issue pass the intial
compilation also is what amazes me.

Please any pointers or help would be great.