I was helping one of my friend's school on setting up a online quiz
system. They have the AMP systems to host php+mysql. The quiz
script/software should have the following features:

a. Excellent results screen (customizable) which can be printed right
b. 3/5 simultaneously run quizes along with a authentication system.
c. Should be able to handle MCQs (multiple choice questions) along with
normal T/F type questions out of a question bank.
d. Should be able to add and edit questions via normal browser.

I looked it up in the web and found some of the quiz scripts here at
http://cvs.seul.org/~dkionka/quiz/opensrc.html. They are mostly CGI
basedI. This one at http://nuedream.com/nuequizpro/ does most of the
things I needed less than the authentication system.

Can you please link me some of the great quiz sofwares with the
features I needed?


Raqueeb Hassan