SFLC: Setting Legal Precedent Not the Goal of GPL Case

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| Software Freedom Law Center co-founder Dan Ravicher says the Center’s
| copyright infringement case against Monsoon Multimedia on behalf of the
| creators of BusyBox is not about setting legal precedent for the use and
| interpretation of the GNU General Public License.



GPL defenders say: See you in court

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| The license also requires anyone distributing GPL software, in an executable
| form that a computer can run, to make the complete source code available. One
| example: Cisco Systems subsidiary Linksys, which *shares the GPL software
| used in its wireless networking equipment. *


First U.S. GPL lawsuit heads for quick settlement

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| The first U.S. GPL-related lawsuit appears to be headed for a quick
| out-of-court settlement. Monsoon Multimedia admitted today that it had
| violated the GPLv2 (GNU General Public License version 2), and said it will
| release its modified BusyBox code in full compliance with the license.


New Method To Detect and Prove GPL Violations

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| "A paper to be presented at the upcoming academic conference Automated
| Software Engineering describes a new method to detect code theft and could be
| used to detect GPL violations in particular. While the co-called birthmarking *
| method is demonstrated for Java, it is general enough to work for other
| languages as well..." *


German Court convicted Skype of violating the GPL

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| German district court Munich has convicted Skype of violating the GPL. One of
| the VoIP telephones sold by Skype run Linux, but the GPL text was not handed
| out together with the phone, although the GPL requires that. *


German GPL defender claims legal victory
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| Open-source programmer Harald Welte said Thursday he won a civil court
| case in Germany centered on the General Public License (GPL). The license
| governs many open-source projects and permits anyone to use software
| covered by it, but requires that companies incorporating GPL software
| make the underlying source code available.


gpl-violations.org project prevails in court case on GPL violation by D-Link

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| D-Link Germany GmbH, a subsidiary of D-Link Corporation, Taiwan R.O.C.,
| distributed DSM-G600, a network attached storage (NAS) device which uses a
| Linux-based Operating System. *However, this distribution was incompliant
| with the GNU General Public License (GPL) which covers the Linux Kernel and
| many other software programs used in the product.


Wallace's Appeal Firmly Rejected - GPL Has Nothing to Fear [pdf]

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| PJ: "Just so you know, Daniel Wallace's appeal of the ruling
| against him in his pro se quest to overthrow the GPL on antitrust
| grounds, one of SCO's daydreams too, has been firmly rejected by
| the appeals court, as I knew it would be."


Would Dostoevsky Use the GPL?

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| I get nervous whenever large software shops talk up the virtues of a license
| with fewer protections of developer and user rights. In the linked articles
| above, there is talk of permissive licenses being the path of least
| resistance, with the premise that it's "easier" to gravitate towards them. My
| question is - easier for whom? Easier for the developers or easier for the
| companies who wish to make use of it without those annoying obligations to
| the greater free software ecosystem? As is often mentioned by others smarter
| than me, a scenario where developers gravitate towards permissive licenses
| makes it easier for companies to avoid community reciprocity. * * * *