I tried installling Ubuntu on My pc, I said My Processor doesn't support it.
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>>>>> I am currently running XP MCE SP2 without any problems at all. AMD
>>>>> 64bit
>>>>> 3200, 2 GB RAM, nVidia 6600 GT Video, 250 GB SATA HD. Hauppauge
>>>>> tuner card.
>>>>> Vista upgrade advisor says everything is supported and all device
>>>>> and apps
>>>>> are fine. My typical work is in SQL Server 2005, VStudio 2005 and
>>>>> Office
>>>>> 2007. I use Media Centre occasionally. I am wondering if it is
>>>>> actually
>>>>> worth upgrading to Ultimate. I have read about a lot of issues...
>>>>> it doesn't seem that many peole are very happy with Vista. Any
>>>>> feedback?
>>>> You should upgrade to Linux and fully utilize the excellent hardware
>>>> you have.
>>>> Running total OpenSource software is really the only way to get the
>>>> freedom from proprietary constraints.
>>>> Why pay $200 for Vista when you can get Ubuntu for free?
>>>> Your hardware will scream with Linux.
>>> My ex-wife used to scream with her brother-in-law, like she had with
>>> me and a couple of other guys. Does this mean I need to use Linux?

>> It's an OS for poofters, Linux makes you gay!
>> http://www.collegesexadvice.com/imag...ions_gay_1.gif

> He's not wrong you know; Linux makes you stupid. : Just look at the
> halfwitted Linux users (Lusers) as an example.
> Stay with XP; I have a machine very much like yours which I've recently
> built and it runs XP amazinglyly. If you want to partition your drive and
> install Linux as a dual boot o/s then that might be an idea, in order that
> you can compare the two. - There is a reason why less than 5% of computer
> users use Linux; and if you do as above you'll discover it and probably
> stick with XP for now. If you want to try Vista I suggest that you wait
> for Vista SP1 to come out of beta next year before doing so. Vista has
> certain issues which need resolving at present.