Linux to power mysterious mobile gadget?

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| The undefined and unnamed device reportedly has been developed in
| collaboration with Sharp and Access, the latter of which has lately been hard
| at work perfecting a Linux stack for mobile devices.

Combo PMP/Linux boot device gains online storage

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| One of the oldest Linux distributors, TurboLinux has traditionally focused on
| enterprise desktop and server markets in Japan and India.


Turbolinux to Provide a Content Download Tool, Enabling the Users to Download
Video on wizpy

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| Turbolinux, Inc., a global leader of Linux-based solutions, today announced
| the release of "wizpy Content Downloader" (hereinafter called Content
| Downloader) plug-in for their new bootable Linux OS device with multimedia
| player, wizpy. *

TurboLinux Wizpy Review

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| Though Linux in the mainstream has come a long way over the past few
| years, there is still this stigma of being difficult to install and use.
| The TurboLinux Wizpy is trying to sway consumer perception with the
| introduction of a pocket-sized multimedia player that contains a
| bootable version of TurboLinux operating system.

TurboLinux Device May Jump-Start OS Migration

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| When the Wizpy USB device boots up, it tricks the computer into seeing it
| as a CD-ROM drive, which enables the Linux kernel to run instead of, say,
| Windows or Mac OS. All OS settings and users' documents remain within
| Wizpy, leaving no record or file imprint behind on the host computer's hard
| drive.