Timely advertising; Nokia poster hot off the press...

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| Photo taken today, on 2nd Ave. in NYC. Now if we could only get Nokia to
| design stuff more like Apple does and get Apple to be as open minded as
| Nokia...


Nokia has also just signed off a huge acquisition.

Nokia Buys Software Maker for $8.1 Billion

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| The purchase, which must be approved by American regulators as well as Navteq
| shareholders, will bolster Nokia, analysts said, in efforts to compete with
| companies like Apple, whose iPhone comes with navigational software from
| Google.


Not working well for eBay/Skype though...

Skype founders quit as executives


As for Apple...


Wozniak hates Open Sauce

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| In an interview with eWeek, Woz said that there are always people who want
| things to be free and the open-source movement starts with those sort of
| people. *


Apple promises to kill unlocked Iphones


iPod Classic Will Be Supported

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| As recently reported on Slashdot, Apple, in its infinite wisdom, has added a
| checksum to the iPod database apparently to restrict non-iTunes products
| (like Amarok via libgpod) from having the ability to add music. *


Apple to Brick Modded iPhones, Apple Boycott?

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| While community reaction is generally negative, one blogger suggests sending
| an even stronger message to Apple by boycotting Apple on October 1.