Sorry if this is the wrong group for this.....

I am trying to compile opensp using gcc 4.3.2 and have this error:

In file included from ArcEngine.cxx:20:
.../include/InternalInputSource.h:37: error: extra
qualification 'OpenSP::InternalInputSource::' on
member 'asInternalInputSource'

Here is the header file

// Copyright (c) 1994 James Clark
// See the file COPYING for copying permission.

#ifndef InternalInputSource_INCLUDED
#define InternalInputSource_INCLUDED 1
#ifdef __GNUG__
#pragma interface

#include "InputSource.h"
#include "Allocator.h"
#include "StringC.h"
#include "types.h"

namespace SP_NAMESPACE {

class InputSourceOrigin;
class Messenger;
class NamedCharRef;

class SP_API InternalInputSource : public InputSource {
void *operator new(size_t sz, Allocator &alloc) { return
alloc.alloc(sz); }
void *operator new(size_t sz) { return Allocator::allocSimple(sz); }
void operator delete(void *p) { Allocator::free(p); }
void operator delete(void *p, Allocator &) { Allocator::free(p); }
InternalInputSource(const StringC &, InputSourceOrigin *);
Xchar fill(Messenger &);
void pushCharRef(Char ch, const NamedCharRef &);
Boolean rewind(Messenger &);
const StringC *contents();
InternalInputSource *InternalInputSource::asInternalInputSource();
InternalInputSource(const InternalInputSource &); // undefined
void operator=(const InternalInputSource &); // undefined
Char *buf_;
const StringC *contents_;


#endif /* not InternalInputSource_INCLUDED */

Since I am not knowing C++ I can not understand why the code is bad

This is the actual line that produced the errors

InternalInputSource *InternalInputSource::asInternalInputSource();

Can any one help me to understand this error?

Thank you