Bill Gates is spending at least some of his time on: a bunch of patent
applications for a company named "Searete LLC"...[which appears to be]
one of the many ultra secret shell front companies for Nathan
Myhrvold's Intellectual Ventures, a company that unabashedly plans to
be a huge patent tollbooth on just about any kind of innovation. We've
already noted that he's been setting up shell companies as part of the
operation's secrecy.

In some articles about Myhrvold's methods, it talks about how he hosts
these big dinners, where he invites a bunch of big thinkers to sit
around and talk, has some lawyers sit off to the side writing down
everything they say, and then turns the discussions into patents... it
makes you wonder why Bill Gates is letting Nathan Myhrvold lock up his
ideas as part of his patent extortion scheme.