wisdomkiller & pain, ye barrel-scraping foolish compounded clay-man,
frailty, thy name is woman, ye dribbled:

> Ming the Murphyless wrote:
>> wisdomkiller & pain wrote:

> ....
>> ??? What car engine would that be then ???

> Well, every generator while charging the 12V car accumulator, raises
> voltage
> up to about 14.4V or up to 2.4V per cell while the motor is running fast
> enough.

You less than ****ing useless cuntwart.

"I need to wire four white LEDs to run off a 12v dc supply (regulated)."

12 volts, regu-****ing-lated. Capice?

**** me dead, talk about being ****ing brainless.

"We are arrant knaves all, believe none of us."
Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1 [129]

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