"Peter Köhlmann" stated in post
49197618$0$32680$9b4e6d93@newsspool2.arcor-online.net on 11/11/08 5:10 AM:

>>>> First: You can't drop using something you never used in the first
>>>> place.

>> Nonsense and you know it.

> Nope. *Nothin* you posted so far indicates that you have *ever* used linux,
> apart from the test-install in a VM on your beloved Win-XP

Your opinion of what people have and have not done is beyond useless. As I
have repeatedly pointed out, with specific examples, your claims of
knowledge are clearly inaccurate. Here are some examples:

* Confusing a users IP with the IP of a web server or email provider
they use.

* Thinking Dreamweaver is *security* software.

* Being unable to figure out who you are writing to on a recurring
basis that is so common it is predictable

* How to get your Usenet client to not cross-post

* Misunderstanding people so bad you think they denied Ubuntu had
a print-to-PDF option

* Unable to figure out if interface consistency is important

* Unable to figure out, even when shown examples, how OpenOffice
mangled a file's spacing.

* Unable to figure out that a fully verifiable PDF is *not* "forged".

And that does not include your amazing ignorance about assembly language
after you claimed to have used it.


"For example, user interfaces are _usually_ better in commercial software.
I'm not saying that this is always true, but in many cases the user
interface to a program is the most important part for a commercial
company..." Linus Torvalds