wisdomkiller & pain, ye jelly-blubbered tardy son, thy mother's name is
ominous to children, ye clamoured:

> Ming the Murphyless wrote:
>> I need to wire four white LEDs to run off a 12v dc supply (regulated).
>> The Vf is 3.2-3.6 The calculation gives a resistor value of 220 ohms for
>> 2 LEDs in series. Can I wire all four in series without using a
>> resistor or are there good reasons for having it? The LEDS will be lit
>> 24/7

> With 4 leds in series and exactly 12V, you will not see a very bright
> light - evern without a resistor.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You ****ing stupid cunt.

> But, when you turn on the car engine and the voltage rises to 14.2 v or
> so,
> you will first see a bright light, then a bad smell. In the end it will be
> dark again but you are a bit wiser

You complete and utter nut****.

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