richard, ye dumb rough heart of flint, ye tread upon my patience, ye

> I failed a high school english class once. Why? The teacher couldn't
> find anything wrong so he used the excuse that I dared to wright on

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"We are arrant knaves all, believe none of us."
Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1 [129]

Hammer of Thor: February 2007.
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September 2005, April 2006, January 2007, August 2008.
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and trainer of Bucky Breeder, August 2008.
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Join me for dinner. I'm cooking worn out dromedary camel ulcer
accentuated with boiled innards inside nauseous cormorant tumor and
badger brain dressing under impure manatee muscle con scalded head louse
phlegm, arranged in a wriggling pot filled with medium cooked garlic,
small leftover conch, tuna and jellyfish, scallion broth, a side of
cadaver rectum carcinoma and a teacup of blood.