Is “Illidan” form good? Compare to the other classes, I don't think
so. It’s too stupid.
All the warlocks are yelling: “we need buff”.
Chaos bolt, Instant. (Why, because destruction is still way to
dependant on Casting+Stationary , LOS, and being locked out of spell
trees. Mostly make it instant for pvp but would also help pve dps if
locks decided to go this path.) I know hunters have simular line of
sight complaints but I beleive this is hurting destruction a lot more
then our hunter friends.
We're talking a lot about warlocks in PvP right now. Instant-cast
spells may or may not be one of the changes we'll make. Ultimately,
changing Chaos Bolt and Haunt to instant just makes them different
spells. We would have to nerf them significantly to make them instant,
which would have PvE ramifications. Warlocks do have a fair number of
spells they can cast while moving. Give demon form a permanent form
for warlocks, especially if your going to be succeptable to MORE cc
then you were before IE Turn evil and Banish. (Why, because "I know
blizz hates it when we compare classes but" every other talented form
regardless of damage reduction abilities is permanent if you spec into
it" So unless this is a failed attempt at Beastial Wraith which may I
remind you makes you immune to All types of CC not adds more) As well
Give Soul Link the 5% bonus damage back, not sure who in the world
decided to take this away.
We don't want warlocks to be in demon form all the time. I think we've
explained the Soul Link change before. Give us back our old Self
Buffs, the New fel armor is not cool and the Armor on Demon armor is
downright terrible. I guess this is complaining so my solution, fel
armor, 130 spell dmg and 30% more + healing, Demon Armor 2000 Armor+
and increased health regen.
What is your beef with Fel Armor? Our internal testing found that once
you have gear with Sprit on it that it can improve you dps by 20% or
even more. You may be low at your current levels without Spirit. That
will change in just a couple of weeks. There is talk about dispel
resistance for destruction! this is kick ass and long overdue, what
about for the few dots demon locks use?
We're looking at dispel resistance for locks in general.
Check: for more information about the changes
of warlock.