I know. Now the patch is too easy. I mean itís much easier for a tank.
If you have graduated from ZulíAman, you can tank through BT easily.
Thatís the status for now. but of coz blizzard will not make this game
become too easy.
Bosses have more armor. That is going to affect the threat
generation, particularly of warriors and bears.
-A lot of groups are AE tanking and burning down groups. It's fun, but
at higher levels the risk you're going to take is that those groups
kill you.
Threat is easy to manage now, and not too bad in Naxx. Naxx was
designed to be more of an introduction to raiding. It won't stay that
easy. I wouldn't expect a lot of Void Walker-style competitions to
stay on top of threat meters compared to other tanks, but you might
have to worry about the dps'rs catching up to you at some point.
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