HEMI-Powered, ye revolting nighty gossip, silence thou fellow, I would
thee had some cause to prattle for thyself, ye palpitated:

> DemoDisk added these comments in the current discussion du jour
> ...
>>> For once there is at least partial agreement between
>>> Democrats and Republicans.
>>> Thank goodness.
>>> BTW: 100% of Democrats want her to run in 2012 !

>> What are you saying?? In four years she could stand on her
>> porch and see the whole world! She'd be unstoppable!!

> It is sarcasm, that somehow president-elect Obama would find re-
> election much easier if the Republicans offer her up as their
> sacrificial candidate.
> I thought

Highly improbably. Thought requires a brain.

> that John McCain showed both wisdom and courage in
> nominating Gov. Palin as his running mate. But, before we all jump
> on her 2012 bandwagon, I'd like to hear from the other young Turk
> conservatives out there who may be even better choices. As much as
> I admire such men as Mitt Romney, Rudi, Guiliani, and Mike
> Huckabee, I think that we can do even better - and we must.

Ah, yes, Rudi Guiliani... the 9/11 single-issue ****wit who claimed Obama
had never managed anything in his life, all the while Obama was managing the
downfall of the tired and decrepit GOP supported by redneck neocons
epitomised by "Joe the Plumber".

> This is a time of great joy and jubilation to some. For others, it
> is a time of unspeakable fear and dread at the prospect of an Obama
> presidency.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What about the "unspeakable fear and dread" of the blacks
getting beat up, shot, chewed up by by dogs or jailed for trying to register
to vote not too far back in 1964?

> Either way, the people of America have spoken and the
> president-elect had damn well better deliver on all the promises he
> made to make change a good thing and to bring America together
> again.

Or else what?

"We are arrant knaves all, believe none of us."
Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1 [129]

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