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- From the Desktop: Fishing for Trout, Catching a Marlin

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| All technology, computer or otherwise, is based on something that came before
| it. It doesn't just come out of thin air. Did Windows magically appear in the
| mind of some Microsoft engineer from the ether? Not hardly! They based the
| interface on work done by prior developers and slapped the whole thing on top
| of the DOS operating system that itself was a copy of CP/M. Microsoft didn't
| even make DOS themselves: it was built by a third-party development house and
| bought by Microsoft when the House of Bill made a deal with IBM.
| Oh yeah, that's innovative.
| The whole scientific method, the current fad of looking at the universe, is
| based on this philosophy. Take the work of others and refine it to better fit
| the way we perceive the universe to work. Technology is the same way: it took
| 100,000 years for human beings to figure out how to build the microwave oven.



Editor's Note: What Linux Can Do That Those Big Proprietary Innovators Can't

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| I am bored. Bored of the word "innovation", and the way it is bandied about
| by every tech vendor. I don't know how they keep straight faces, maybe they
| actually believe their own bushwah. There are very few that demonstrate any
| actual innovation. I would say that Apple leads the industry; Intel, AMD, and
| Google are also on my "actually push the boundaries and do neat new things"
| list. Our favorite software monopolist innovates new extremes of bullying,
| thuggery, and extracting top dollar for overlapping licenses and pooware, so
| I don't think that rates inclusion.



Microsoft Deems Emotiflags Patent-Worthy

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| Microsoft said you could count on them to improve patent quality.
| For an example of how they're raising the bar on innovation, check
| out this just-published patent application for Emotiflags, which
| Microsoft explains solves the problem of indicating an emotion
| associated with an email message. At the risk of infringing on the
| patent, this one Makes Me Mad!"


Fun with Google Patent Search: Why does the maker of Windows hold a patent on
a door hinge?

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| The patent was granted in 1998 and received a dribble of publicity
| in 1999, but I'm hard pressed to find any meaningful explanation for
| a door hinge being in the control of the company that made Windows famous.

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