How are open source software houses shaping up?

Just a general interest question.

With the imminent decline of micoshaft products on the desktop,
and prominent rise of open source solutions fighting its way
to the desktop on the downturn, I'm just curious
how the open source companies are rising to meet the
challenges of delivering software products, services and solution.

Who is in the lead? Is it going to be companies like Wipro and Infosys,
or will it be new and previously unknown companies that are going
to become giants in countries like China, Thailand, Malasia. Korea etc.
and then dominate the software scene?

Personally I believe the winner is going to be giants with lots
of GPL'd code snippets that they bolt together and adding
functionality layer by layer all under the control of scripts
and/or GUI interfaces that will then go generate source code
as a suit of programs and all automagically. This source code
in turn will compile and undergo regression testing in compiler farms.
The scripts will also take in patches to everything that they are using
and the regression tests will catch out more of the bad patches
that enter the systems.

Its a monumental re-engeering of business practices for some but
it is the only thing that matters because some others are already doing
this. If you don't build such tools for products and services you offer,
then you won't have the power to attract customers and/or get things done
quickly and reliably.

Any thoughts on how the software houses are moving today?