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What Outsourcers Can Learn from Open-Source Communities

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| For example, one important lesson that outsourcers can pick up from
| open-source development communities is "the open-source community's emphasis
| on asynchronous methods of communication—e-mail, bug tracker, forum, VCS
| (version control systems) update—over synchronous ones—phone, chat, meeting,"
| points out Josh Berkus, a PostgreSQL core team member and part of Sun's
| open-source database team.


Zimbra Collaboration Server Open Source Edition is a promising low-end package

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| If you're looking to run a serious open source collaboration server, Yahoo's
| Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) should be on your short list. This Web 2.0
| email and groupware server offers AJAX Web-based administrator and user
| interfaces, a variety of useful groupware features, and email import
| functionality.



Yahoo! finally using Zimbra

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| So, is this move with the calendar the first of many? If so, Yahoo! has been
| very quiet about it. Zimbra has been busy as a standalone Yahoo! business,
| continuing to build momentum with its enterprise email and collaboration
| product, replacing Microsoft Exchange at universities, governments, and
| enterprises. Still, I suspect Yahoo! intended for Zimbra to be more than just
| a successful-but-separate division. Hopefully this revised calendar is a sign
| of good (Zimbra-based) things to come at Yahoo!.


Zimbra officially embraced by Ubuntu

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| Zimbra, the open-source e-mail software that Yahoo acquired for $350 million
| last year, is officially coming to Ubuntu Linux.


Canonical to Offer Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop Through Ubuntu(R) Partner Repository

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| Zimbra has announced that Canonical, sponsors of Ubuntu, the fastest growing
| Linux distribution, will give users direct access to Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop,
| which provides a centralized hub to manage multiple e-mail accounts and
| calendars online and offline, through the Ubuntu Partner Repository. Zimbra,
| a Yahoo! (Nasdaq:YHOO) company, is a leader in open source, next-generation
| messaging and collaboration software.


Testdriving Zimbra Desktop Mail for Linux

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| Ever since Yahoo acquired Zimbra, a lot of us were waiting for the next big
| thing in desktop emailing. Recently, Yahoo launched Zimbra desktop, an open
| source email client which aims to increase your productivity by integrating
| an email client, calendar, task list, contact manager and a briefcase, all in
| one slick and easy package.
| It's time to see how well it fares with my current favorite - Thunderbird.


Zimbra Releases Version 3 Of Open Source Email Client, And It’s Awesome

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| Zimbra Desktop, which is built on Mozilla Prism, is available for Windows,
| Mac and linux machines. It weighs in at 40 MB, about double the size of
| Thunderbird. The product promises the robust features of Outlook, which are
| lacking in Outlook Express and Thunderbird. Users can access Yahoo mail
| accounts, Zimbra accounts, or any Pop/IMAP supported email boxes. Zimbra
| Desktop also includes a calendar, contact list and other features.


Open-Xchange lures Zimbra users

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| It looks like Microsoft's proposed Yahoo acquisition is already attracting
| its share of buzzards: Open-Xchange, a prominent open source competitor to *
| Microsoft Exchange, is looking to lure customers of Yahoo subsidiary Zimbra
| with an offer of steep discounts. *


Zimbra's new Desktop: Look ma, no browser!

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| How did Zimbra do this? With Prism, which is a Mozilla project that basically
| lets applications borrow a tightly integrated, stripped-down version of the
| Firefox browser to run as standalone applications. This gives them all of the
| benefits of the browser (and the Web) without the browser artifacts. It's a
| match made in heaven.



Zimbra: a Hidden Facet of Yahoo!'s Value

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| This means competition authorities will view Microsoft's potential take-over
| of Yahoo! in a different -- the appropriate -- light as an anti-competitive
| absorption of its chief e-mail competitor. *
| Yahoo! will do what it takes to avoid acquisition by Microsoft. Roy is
| working on it.


Yahoo! to boost collaboration offerings with Zimbra

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| The move reflects the belief among major players that collaboration
| represents a massive growth market. In March this year, Cisco paid $US3.2b
| for WebEx, a market leader in on-demand collaboration applications. *

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