On 2008-11-08, Roy Schestowitz claimed:
> Million’s of Linux Users, they can’t all be experts.
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| In times past even the Linux Newbie for the most part was fairly computer
>| literate, but this too is changing. The New Linux users are new computer
>| users period in some cases Linux is the first operating system they have ever
>| seen. Don’t be so fast to critique, this is a unique opportunity for Linux to
>| make up some badly needed ground. Seek out those new users, become the guides
>| they will need to help us make Linux a more viable and popular Operating
>| System we all want it to be.
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> http://dthomasdigital.wordpress.com/...ll-be-experts/

Since they're new users, uncorrupted by the development of habits that
are unique to other platforms, hopefully the excuse for the demand by
some to make linux "easier" (otherwise known as "make linux look and
act more like" crappy Winders) will finally dry up and blow away.
People unaccustomed to any method of doing things certainly won't be
the ones uttering those demands.

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