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This is a discussion on [News] Creative Labs Finally Embraces the GNU GPL - Linux ; -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Creative Gives In, They Open-Source Their X-Fi Driver ,----[ Quote ] | The Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card driver for Linux from Creative Labs was | awful. That's simply the nicest way to put ...

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Thread: [News] Creative Labs Finally Embraces the GNU GPL

  1. [News] Creative Labs Finally Embraces the GNU GPL

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    Creative Gives In, They Open-Source Their X-Fi Driver

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | The Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card driver for Linux from Creative Labs was
    | awful. That's simply the nicest way to put it. The driver was home to many
    | bugs, initially only supported 64-bit Linux, and it was arriving extremely
    | late. The open-source drivers supporting the Creative X-Fi drivers have also
    | been at a stand still. However, Creative Labs today has finally turned this
    | situation around and they have open-sourced the code to this notorious
    | driver. The source-code for the Creative X-Fi driver is now licensed under
    | the GNU GPLv2.Creative Gives In, They Open-Source Their X-Fi Driver


    Creative releases Linux X-Fi driver under the GPL



    ALSA Driver For The Creative X-Fi Appears

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | ALSA, the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, now has an experimental Creative
    | X-Fi driver.


    Creative releases a new v1.18 Beta driver for X-FI cards

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Creative has received a lot of comments and rants (a lot of them well earned)
    | from the Linux community for not supporting their X-FI cards on the GNU/Linux
    | platform. Earlier, in august 2007, they did a release of a Beta driver, that
    | seemed to leave a lot to wish for, even being a Beta driver. It was only
    | released for 64 bit systems, and didn't work for a lot of users. You want
    | proof? Just check the forums at Creative. * *


    Creative Tries Again At Linux Drivers

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Months went by after that release with no signs of another beta, but back in
    | February of this year, 4Front Technologies had announced an update to the
    | Open Sound System (OSS) with initial support for the X-Fi series. Unlike
    | support for some of the other sound cards on the market, the X-Fi support in *
    | its (sbxfi) driver wasn't reverse-engineered but Creative Labs had provided
    | some source-code and header files to 4Front Technologies (Open-Source
    | Creative X-Fi Support). These code files though had confidential markings,
    | but two days later it was found out that this was legal and Creative Labs is
    | interacting with both the OSS and ALSA projects. They had finally joined the
    | open-source bandwagon. * * * *


    Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Posting a forum message on its website last weekend, Creative threatened
    | Daniel_K with legal action, accusing him of infringing its intellectual
    | property. The company removed forum posts from the developer containing links
    | to his work. *
    | [...]
    | Daniel_K is incensed by Creative. "They publicly threatened me, just to show
    | their arrogance," he told El Reg by email.


    Creative Labs : Product Boards : Sound Blaster : Message to Daniel_K

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | [...]
    | To be clear, we are asking you to respect our legal rights in this matter and
    | cease all further unauthorized distribution of our technology and IP. *In
    | addition we request that you observe our forum rules and respect our right to
    | enforce those rules. *If you are in any doubt as to what we would consider
    | unacceptable then please request clarification through one of our forum
    | moderators before posting. * *
    | Phil O'Shaughnessy
    | VP Corporate Communications
    | Creative Labs Inc.
    | [...]
    | My god, you guys got some balls on you, either that or you'r all bordeline
    | mad.
    | He offered a service you guys cant/wont, and in so madde a lot og YOUR
    | customers happy about their product again.
    | Now you wanna whipe him out and keep him silent by threatning about legal
    | actions.
    | This is a beyond retarded, shame on you, shame on you.



    Creative Joining The Open Bandwagon

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | It's official, Creative Labs is joining the open specification/code bandwagon
    | for the X-Fi series. Earlier this week we shared that through the Open Sound
    | System there is now open-source support for the Sound Blaster X-Fi. *


    Why Vista sounds worse

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Changes to how the latest version of Windows handles audio playback has
    | caused unexpected quality issues for musicians and consumers alike, reports
    | Tim Anderson *


    Audio in Linux is awesome

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | I can’t wait for PulseAudio. I’m sure that will make all of this even easier.

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  2. Re: [News] Creative Labs Finally Embraces the GNU GPL

    Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:

    > Creative Gives In, They Open-Source Their X-Fi Driver

    The fiasco with Daniel_K; the (apparently) deliberately broken Vista
    drivers (yes ... *deliberately* due to "marketing considerations");
    their pathetic attempt to produce Linux drivers; and the fact that a
    bunch of enthusiasts accomplished that which the paid "professionals" at
    Creative seemingly couldn't (for both Linux and Vista), was a series of
    PR disasters of monumental proportions, although not exactly atypical in
    the PC hardware industry - just higher profile.

    Combined with the fact that most people these days simply don't care
    about the branding of their PC's audio, or even think about it at all,
    since it is nearly always built in to the motherboard, Creative must
    have been losing revenue from their soundcard division hand over fist.
    In fact I'm surprised it's still operational at all.

    As I put it at the time:

    Of course it may turn out that Creative Labs have "protected" this
    "property" so well, that no one will actually want to buy it, since it
    patently doesn't work without the contributions of the unpaid volunteers
    they chased away.

    It seems Creative had to learn that lesson the hard way.


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    | weeks after initial exposure to Lisp." ~ Constantine Vetoshev

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