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Sun bundles servers in MySQL blankets

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| You're Sun Microsystems. You have a server lineup you brag about all the
| time. You have one of the best operating systems in the world in Solaris. And
| you shelled out $1bn in cold, hard cash to acquire the most popular open
| source database in the world, MySQL.
| And now you have figured out that it might be a good idea to sell
| preconfigured bundles of hardware, software, and services set up explicitly
| for particular database-driven workloads. Make it a little easier for
| everyone to do deals.


Sun Unveils New Systems and Storage Solutions for MySQL; Enables Customers to
Scale for Growth With Up to 3X Better Performance and Up to 83 Percent Lower
Power Costs


Sun Serves Up Some Java EE 6 in GlassFish

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| The next big thing for enterprise Java isn't quite ready yet, but that's not
| stopping Sun Microsystems from rolling out an app server release that shows
| off some early Java EE 6 features.



Sun Microsystems' Next Linux Move

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| Rather, Sun is preparing to certify more of its servers for Canonical's
| Ubuntu Linux. The effort includes Sun's latest small and midsize business
| servers. In an interview with Reuters on April 2, Canonical CEO Mark
| Shuttleworth reinforced the growing relations between Sun and Ubuntu.


Sun deploys Linux high performance cluster at Kuwait Oil Company

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| Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has deployed a Linux-based High Performance Cluster
| from Sun Microsystems to run its reservoir simulation software, increase its
| processing power, and enable the company to take critical business decisions
| faster than ever before.


Sun's X64-Based Streaming Server Runs on Linux

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| The Linux used in the system is one that Kealia created for itself
| based on an undisclosed commercial distribution with some real-time
| hooks in it to boost the responsiveness of the system. Over the long
| haul, you can bet that Sun will port the Streaming System software
| to Solaris.


Closing MySQL: Marten Mickos Responds

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| Whatever you think of Mickos's reasoning behind the move, explained below,
| the company deserves full marks for responding so quickly to a situation that
| it admits was caused by its own slightly maladroit handling of an
| announcement, which in retrospect was bound to be controversial.


Move from Solaris to RHEL boosts performance for the Chicago Mercantile

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| At the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the traders betting on future commodity
| price fluctuations aren't the only ones who know what it means to take a
| risk. Five years ago, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), now part of the CME
| Group, placed a hefty bet: that it could trust Linux with the heart of its
| business, executing billions of contracts a year and processing them faster
| than previously. * *

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