Artifex Software, the company behind the open source Ghostscript PDF
processing software, has filed a lawsuit against voting machine vendor
Diebold and its subsidiary Premier Election Solutions. Artifex says
that Diebold violated the GPL by incorporating Ghostscript into
commercial electronic voting machine systems.

Evidence of Diebold's Ghostscript use first emerged last year when
electronic voting machine critic Jim March was conducting analysis of
Pima County voting irregularities...

"Seems likely that they are not respecting our software license in
this case. We do not consider bundling as an integrated component
intended to work with other software as 'mere aggregation' under the
GPL," wrote Giles in a mailing list post. According to
InformationWeek, Artifex is seeking over $150,000 in damages and is
calling for the court to block usage of the equipment.

Security researchers have uncovered numerous security vulnerabilities
in voting machines produced by several major vendors, including
Diebold. The voting machine company has faced several high-profile
lawsuits in the past, including one filed by the state of California,
where Diebold machines were subsequently banned over fraudulent

If Artifex's allegations prove correct, then it will further
demonstrate the broad scope of Diebold's technical incompetence and
irresponsible business practices.