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Avistar Receives Five New U.S. Patents for Real-Time Communications

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| Avistar Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: AVSR), a leading provider of
| unified visual communications solutions, today announced that it has been
| granted five new U.S. patents this month, including its 92nd patent, U.S.
| 7,441,001, covering services involving two or more real-time communications
| services such as text instant message (IM), video IM and Voice over IP
| (VoIP).


More on re Bilski:

Federal Court Issues “Bilski” Decision

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| Of course, patent applications for many software systems will meet this test,
| and we have only minimal guidance from Bilski on how the test should be
| applied. However, SFLC believes that this decision takes us one step further
| toward freeing the United States from “software patents”. The SFLC hopes and
| expects that this case will lead to fewer patent grants that stand in the way
| of advancing software freedom.


Bilski And Software Patents – Good News for FOSS

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| Last week the Federal Circuit issued a major decision, In re Bilski,
| concerning the subject matter limits of patent law. The case presented
| questions relating to software patents, an issue of great significance to the
| free and open source software community, and so Red Hat filed a brief in
| Bilski to educate the appeals court about FOSS and its problems with the
| software patents. In the new opinion, the court cited Red Hat’s brief, but
| declined to settle the issue of when, if ever, software based inventions
| should be patentable. Even so, the new test in Bilski will probably limit the
| patentability of software. The war is not over, but the odds of success for
| FOSS just got better.


The end of software patents?

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| The open source community will be resting a bit easier - "abstract" patents,
| for business processes have been ruled out by the US authorities, at least
| for now.


Gardner: Patent Bar Should Use Its High Priced Skills to Overcome Bilski et al.

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| Gardner explains that the Patent Bar should stand-up and explain to the PTO
| and courts that "the application of novel and nonobvious software to
| otherwise computer hardware is neither 'routine' nor 'typical.'"



Microsoft Has A Problem: Software Patents Go Up In Smoke

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| So, companies like Microsoft would have a lot to rue about as a huge portion
| of their patent portfolio has become circumspect. This not only would rob
| them of revenues in terms of royalties but would also open up a lot of space
| for competition as well. Special thanks to Red Hat to take up the fight and
| providing crucial data to the court to take this decision. Stallman and FSF
| would be very happy today


Is There Still A Big Loophole For Software And Business Method Patents?

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| It's not a full rejection of software or business model patents, but I think
| that's for the best in the long run. It's better to create proper overall
| rules, rather than trying to carve out exemptions and creating a patchwork of
| rules. However, I'm still worried about the loopholes, and how quickly
| lawyers with tons of patents seem ready to leap through those loopholes.

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