To be available on November the 15th at your favorite web sites.

"ZXAKURO" is a cross-puzzle game using digits instead of words.
There is only one possible answer for each grid. Digits 1 to 9 can be
used only once in each continuous row or column. This fantastic brain
game has large grids and digits on a neat and clear screen. The most
noticeable feature is the FAULT INDICATOR which is unique to the ZX81-
TS1000 version. When ending a game, the cursor pinpoints the faulty


-Instructions accessible at any time during the game.
-Any grid is accessible by code. (This allows you to re-start where
you had previously stopped).
-Large and well defined play grid and digits.
-Clear and "colorful" screen.
-25 grids of different shapes.
-Fault indicator when ending a game. (The cursor will position itself
in the faulty square).


CODE: Allows you to access any grids.
QUIT: Allows you to get out of the game. (Remember the CODE for
later access).
INFO: Allows you to re-look at the instructions
ENTER: Grid verification bringing the next grid...or bringing the
cursor to flash in the faulty square.

See you on the 15th, ANDRE***