The thing that made Google great is that their ads didn't irritate their users. But the constant drive by shareholders for more profits and more growth is pushing them to become more aggresive. How long before they start mixing ads with search results like the ill-fated AltaVista did? When that happened I dropped them like a sack of ****.

I keep telling people that the scorge of capitalims is those shareholders who are always pushing you to grow your business. This will eventually lead to any company making stupid mistakes, like Microsoft did with Vista (and is again doing with Windows 7). After a while you simply have to accept the customer base that you have, and tailor to their needs. But companies like Microsoft have to grow their business so they venture into other areas like Internet search, console gaming and audio/video downloading and eventually piss-off their user base. I still think a private company is the best capitalist method operandus for a long, healthy corporate life.