Ubuntu Has a Dirty Little Secret...
on: October 18, 2008, 02:52:37 AM

Just read this entry over at the Ubuntu forums:


It's interesting Canonical had done this and that too at the time when
Catalyst 8.10 was not even fully released. I hope it really helps us the
ATI users.
Though now, Catalyst 8.10 has been released.

Let's look at some of the more internal details.


The now officially published update for the ati drivers still doesn't
support xserver 1.5. Only ubuntu users get acces to a driver that's
x-server 1.5 compatible. Meaning users of other distributions are forced
not to upgrade. If they do want a newer distro on their pc, they can now
choose between using ubuntu or throwing their ATI GPU in the garbage bin.

What's worse, several of their own fanboys were jumping up and down,


Choice is nice, but it's better at the application level anyway. It's
not so good at the development level when you're trying to support the
quirks of every different distro. (Not that I ever have... but I don't look
forward to trying.)

This personally makes me quite unhappy. The whole point of even using Linux
or Unix is the fact that you DO get a seemingly infinite amount of choices.
The BSD license is fantastic for developers, and the GPL is fantastic for
users. So, why would OLd Mark Shuttleworth's own company be blocking the
very freedoms that it touts in the first place?

The answer: STABILITY. Ever since the **** release that was Hardy Heron
8.04 LTS, Ubuntu's been losing traction to actually decent distros such as
Debian, OpenSUSE, Mandriva, etc.

The actions of Canonical and CO. seem almost like a throwback to
Microsoft's more pissed-off years in the late 90's, or Apple's current
bouts of psychotic goodness.

Simple fact: If you're going to tout freedom in your OS, you don't lock off
bits of it.


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