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Six Experimental Firefox Extensions We Love

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| We love Firefox for its extensibility, but sometimes we run into an extension
| or two that dons the "Experimental" label on the Firefox add-ons site. We
| prefer highlighting extensions once they've been approved by Mozilla—both so
| we know they've been vetted and so we can save you the effort of registering
| with Mozilla to install something—so we generally pass them by. When enough
| of them pile up in our watch list, we highlight them in one big post (see our
| two previous posts) in an effort to give the extensions the extra push of
| popularity that can expedite the approval process. So without further ado,
| read on for a closer look at seven awesome Firefox extensions we're into.


Open Source Browsers Shine in Webware’s Prizefight

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| A few days ago, I posted about Webware’s Javascript-centric tests on
| browsers, where Firefox 3.1 (beta) emerged as the fastest one tested. Those
| tests were very Javascript-intensive though. In overall speed, the new
| Webware comparison finds Chrome fastest.
| [...]
| By the way, my previous post on Webware’s speed tests produced more than 20
| comments from readers who lamented the fact that Opera was left out. It is
| included in the video comparison, but doesn’t fare well in any of the four
| categories.


GigaOM Interview: Opera CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner

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| How is the global downturn impacting your business?
| JvT: People are not going to stop using the Internet. We’re at the very early
| stages of Internet access in mobile, and that’s going to explode in the next
| few years, independent of any economic downturn. With our software, you don’t
| need to get the latest, shiniest model of phone, you don’t need to the 3G or
| 4G network to browse.



Opera Sings an Ode to Browsers Everywhere

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| Mr. von Tetzchner said that Opera’s engineers have developed a version of
| Opera Mini that can run on an Apple iPhone, but Apple won’t let the company
| release it because it competes with Apple’s own Safari browser.

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