On 2008-10-28, KUTLOZE SCHEEFGEPOEPTE wrote:
> http://www.autopenhosting.org/robots/future.htm
> Ultimately because of 100% automation, it will be possible to send seed
> machines to explore space, find suitable places to build bases then build
> bases remotely with 100% automation. Then it will be possible to travel
> there and settle without the expense of manually constructing a base. Humans
> will finally be able to spread out into space and colonise new worlds.
> http://www.autopenhosting.org/robots/faq.htm
> Any Developer Kits?
> No. Currently a developer kit is planned feedback is sought from engineers
> on what is required. The best suggestion so far is for a kit priced around
> $1000 with parts to make a few complete cubes and *windows* *software*
> talking to PIC based hardware.

Publish specs for the hardware and people can make their own dev tools.

In all likelihood, those dev tools either already exist or just need
some finishing touches. "embedded" software is where Free Software first
took off.



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